Torin's Journey Begins

A new adventurer approaches

Torin has been sent on his second mission via Captain Jacques on his ship The Wandering Widow . He is to find two adventurers in the land of Lamordia who the Oracle of Geminore has determined will be vital to heading off potential catastrophe. He wonders to himself what these strangers will be like and what adventures lay before him in their company.

After an uneventful 2 months at sea a storm rises suddenly. The hairs on the back of Torin’s neck stand up with static energy. He suspiciously takes a post at the front of the ship to keep an eye out for trouble. Moments later he finds it. A large lightning elemental comes sweeping up from behind the ship and attacks the Captain! Torin runs nearby and fires his revolvers into the crazed beast to little effect. Realizing there was no hope of winning the encounter he ask Captain Jacques if he can do anything to escape the flying beast.

“It’s risky, but I think I know just what you’re asking for,” says Jacques.

“Do it!” Torin yells.

With that Jacques pulls a small gem out of his pocket and crushes it. Suddenly the wind direction changes and instead of sailing against the wind they are sailing with it, the elemental has no hope of keeping up. They are safe for now….

Quite some time later the storm has settled a tiny bit when the crew notice a life raft floating towards the ship. It carries 2 unconscious people and a man wearing monks robes. After stabilizing the wounded men the monk, who identifies himself as Jiang, implores Torin to burn the raft. They claim to be escapees from another ship where they were held prisoner.

With the Captains permission Torin swims to the raft, searches it for clues, then burns it. Less than an hour later a navy ship pulls up along side The Wandering Widow and demands permission to board so that they may check our papers. Torin hides behind the mast while the captain questions the survivors. Their conversation is soon cut short as the ship the survivors escaped quickly approaches. The captain of the ship, whose flag bears an anchor and seagull, claps his hands and suddenly walks on air before jumping to Jacques ship.

He looks at the Navy Captain “You’ll pay for what you did to us,” and attacks.
A small gnome on the pirate ship stands forward “We Don’t have to do this!”
“You made an oath, kill him” The captain says and with that the gnomes ally steps forward and stabs him downward through the neck, spearing his heart.

With a burst of magic the gnome turns into a small doll and energy flows through all the pirates as they subtly mutate.

After gravely wounding the captain Jiang and Torin are able to rout the stranger (later identified as Rob Lucci). As the pirates flee the doll is tossed aboard our ship and the pirates send out of volley of attacks towards the Navy Captain. Too late for the pirates, Torin pulled the captain to safety and used his body to absorb the brunt of the attacks saving his life. He was rewarded with official passage into Lamordia.

He allows the doll, whose name is Fukoro to join him in a quest for redemption as he showed honor and bravery in standing up to his berserk Captain.

On the second day through the straight a school of Dragon Fish swim by. Recognizing them as a delicacy Torin fishes up 8 of them. He harvests their spines for poison and their meat for a feast. The druidic survivor doesn’t seem pleased but appreciates the fact that Torin wastes none of the animal.

Later in the day a large pack of mephits attack. Torin calls out to them in Aquan and convinces them to stand down as he is on a mission vital to the plane of water (whether true or not). They believe him and allow the ship passage.

With that he arrives in Lamordia.



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