The Party Forms

An young friendship

Torins meets Nzumbe and Darthana in the Limping Bugbear Inn after renting a room and approaching them with food and drink. Torin eventually reveals his true purpose for approaching them after being caught in a lie. Nzumbe and Darthana appreciate his honesty and agree to allow him to join them. To pay back his debt to the shopkeeper Tass, Torin searches for Tass’s missing crate which is found conveniently in the middle of town. Tass is disappointed to find his cargo damaged but is understanding since his cargo did attack the party.

The party then travels to meet Baron Wurttenburg who grants land to the party and tells them of a bounty on Azerene Darkwood who spread rumors of him to the King. He claims it is the greatest bounty in the history of Lamordia.

The party meets Tenzekil and speaks about Crescent Eyes with them. He gives them an area that it might be located. The party travels to Dresden’s last stand where the feather may be located.

While at Dresden’s last stand the party finds a token (bird icon) and is attacked by goblins. Nzumbe and Darthana think they see some strange creature fighting with Torin on the far side of the bridge but they don’t get a good look. What was that?

In the end there is a pile of goblin corpses and a party of richer more experienced adventurers.



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