A Compulsion Strikes

and Torin must quest alone

As the party finishes searching the goblins and the captured goblin priest is shackled a strange look crosses Torin’s face, as though he is looking into forever. He seems distant for several minutes before his eyes refocus and he smiles.

“Friends, you’ll have to excuse me but there is something I must attend to. I’ll see you back in Stutgart?”

With that he starts wandering north with the captured goblin in tow. As he travels through the marshlands he comes across an area with many tracks going around the quicksand pools that speckle this landscape. It’s raining and getting cold and he hopes to find a camp for the night. Just as he’s about to give up and camp in the underbrush he spots a fallen tree in the distance. Excited to have shelter he scouts the immediate area and what does he find in the tree but a chest marked with runes in what appears to be blood.

“Those appear to be arcane, I’d be careful if I were you,” Fukoro chimes in.
“It’s light enough to carry, I suspect if I bring this to Nzumbe she will be able to open this safer than I can.” Torin responds

Having stowed his prize he sets up his bedroll to sleep, Fukoro taking watch as he mentions he needs not sleep nor eat.

A few hours into his rest Torin is awoken by Fukoro pushing against him with little doll hands.

“I hear something”

Torin wakes and hides himself better within the log. He can hear it now too….a buzzing. It’s coming closer and quickly. Soon 2 giant wasps fly overhead. Oddly, they have harnesses and collar on.

With the threat past Torin goes back to sleep

Upon awaking Torin has an uneventful trip to Margrave Outpost in much better weather. When he arrives he finds that there are Navy personnel on watch. He slips past their outer guards and discovers a couple of people talking inside.

One man is yelling angrily at the other, pounding his fist on the table

“It’s been months! I’ve had you searching up and down Eckhart province for the source of the goblin attacks. You’ve found NOTHING. If we don’t earn some funding soon this outpost is done for.”

While the man is speaking Torin creeps up beside the Captain and as he is about to punctuate another sentence with his fist Torin throws the unconscious goblin priest onto the table.

“Do you gentlemen need some help?” Torin ask with a smirk.

Completely taken aback, the captain demands to know where Torin came from and who he is. Afterwards the Lieutenant calls out,

“Ensign, How did this man get past your watch? 5 laps around the outpost!”
The ensign groans, “Yessir”
“Perhaps you should be asking yourself how I snuck into the very room you were in Lieutenant?” Torin asks and grins at the captain, who has introduced himself as Jim.
“Maybe you should lead by example Lieutenant, I think me and our new friend here have business to discuss.”

A short while later the goblin has been interrogated and sent on his way to the prison and captain Jim has paid an advance of six thousand gold and the promise of a favor should Torin explore cinder springs, following a lead that the goblin had given. Torin agrees, and after a fine meal, makes his way south.

Cindersprings ended up being relatively uneventful, and after harvesting some seeds and scouting the area Torin makes his way back to Stutgart to meet back up with his new friends.



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